Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cami Tubbs - Alice in Wonderland

Book Overview:
In this version of Alice in Wonderland I had fun making it is entertaining and exciting for kids, and for adults both. Overlayed on top of each image are multiple illustrations from the original book. Each image focuses on contrasting colors and making you feel slightly peculiar yet intriguing just like the content of the book does.

Ok here are my latest ideas. The chapter title and first couple of paragraphs will go on the right side of these spreads.

Cover page

Cover & Illustrations
This is a rough version of the cover page. I am still going to be working with the text roughing it up and making it conform to the mushroom. As well as making the circle at the bottom look better. The text is very blocky but I will be working with it. I want it to look like the text on the hat in my mood board. I guess we'll see if it works.

Here is what I am doing with my chapter titles. I am going to have the text more odd and each letter will be tilted different directions.

Mood Board

I want to keep the odd feeling throughout the book and make it seem as if you are peering into this peculiar slightly dark situation. Ill be using bright blue and orange colors primarily and all other colors are dark and muted. Title text will be odd and letters are extending into each other like shown. I will be using pastels for my illustrations.
Book Layout: I want to stay with simple one column pages. Nothing too fancy because the illustrations will hopefully be cool enough to compensate.

Cost Estimate

I am wanting to do a 8x10 hardcover with a dust jacket and the amount of pages will be anywhere from 81-120. In order to do that it would cost $41.95 and I would need to purchase two so that plus shipping should be somewhere around $90 in the long run.


  1. I like your mood board but it looks like the cover page did not show up. I like the weirdness of it and I think you can really make it strange and have it work with the story.

    What are you making the illustrations out of? Is it collage type or is it going to be vector based? Photography? I guess I am not sure where you are going to go with it.

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  3. This is a way cool concept! i love the contrast that you are going to use with the dark colors and the bright blues and oranges. Are you going to do any of the illustrations yourself or are you going to be using other images (just curious...) The frame gives it a different look which makes it very unique :D i love it! i cant wait to see more

  4. Your title font on the mood board seems a bit out of place for your concept. A font with a more older, antique reference but still zaney and wild like you said.

  5. I think the idea will be so fun and I can tell where you are heading from the mood board but I can't really figure out how you will do the illustrations. You said you would do it with pastels but are you going to draw the whole thing or collage it with something?
    The type will be sweet and goes with the mood

  6. Good start. I think you've got a great feel for what you want but I'm interested in seeing how it all comes together. The part I love best about your mood board is the picture with Alice & the tea cup. It could be interesting to keep that idea of creating juxtaposition scenes because alice really is shrinking & growing all the time....so does it matter what size the objects are that you illustrate?

  7. I agree with Christian... I think you need to use a font better suited to the mood you are trying to set. That one looks like the font from The Price Is Right :)

    And yes... Where is your cover design?? Saaad.

    I love the mood you have established... you seem to have thought all of this out very well. How are you going to lay out the chapters?

  8. I really like the cover, it shows a good use of the blue and the orange. I like your font choice as well.

  9. I am not so sure that I like the frame on the cover, but maybe you could convince me that is fits. The illustration is great though.

  10. I like the way that you framed the cover. The mood board really helps give the impression that I think your going for. I agree that you should experiment with some different type faces. I like the muted colors that you are working with, it helps to set the mood of the book.

  11. I love your pastel cover, the imagery seems to fit with your mood board, but the style is a little different, which are you going for? I think you could do some incredible illustrations with your pastel, it would just take forever. Curious to see where you take this! Love the colors.