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Danelle Cheney: Wonderlands

Jay, I tried to rotate the div tag in the code so it would flip vertically, but they use an "iframe" tag instead of div and I couldn't figure out what would work. I think this looks pretty good though.

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christina • de formulating space:

Well Issuu has my pdf file, however, it's taking longer than ever to convert it so I can embed the code. But here is a sneak peek of my cover design. This is the one for blurb publishing so you can see the spine.

Deformulating Design

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Danelle Cheney: Deformulating Space

I tried to upload to Blurb and it won't work. I guess if we really want to get copies of these, we will have to create one InDesign file. It might be that some of the essays are 3 pages and need to be re-arranged.. for example Christina's first page of her 3-page essay ended up on the right side of the spread after I rearranged things to be even, so the bleeds and margins are incorrect.

Jade Gelskey: Editorial

Open publication - Free publishing - More design

Looks like some people sized their pages weirdly. Oh well, ISSU sure makes the books look rad. :)

Tyce- Editorial

Katie Poloni-Editorial

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Tyce-Book Concept

In case you could not find it on my older post.

"The concept for this book is based on the relationship between the two worlds and how they exist together. The beginning starts in a realistic environment and ventures its way to an abstract, bizarre reality. The book ends with Alice coming back to her sensible world and realizing that she has matured through the experience. The book is illustrated with black, two dimensional objects to portray a visual relationship between the two worlds."

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Alice in Wonderland is a very inspiring and creative book. When a reader picks it up they can use their own imagination and infuse it into the story. Within this book you will see a different view of Alice and her surroundings. All of the characters are custom illustrated and are infused with vector designs. The illustrations will open up a new world of Alice in Wonderland.

Jade Gelskey: Step 4 Catalog

Step 4 of Catalog Assignment:

This specifies we place both the Alice Book we created as well as the Catalog up on the blog through Let me know if there are any issues viewing this.

Also see the two images I have of my catalog. I am ordering the printed catalog from Blurb so when that comes in I will have more quality images.

Here is my personal Alice book:

Here is my Catalog for the Alice books:

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christina • alice book statement

(added this to my first post but it'll probably be easier to find it here)

Lewis Carroll's original story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland inspired this 'cookie-cutter' version of Alice and the assorted acquaintances that transpire. Not only do the illustrations in this book directly reflect the initial overall look of each character, making them 'cookie-cutter' characters, but they have literally become cut out characters.

However, multiple characteristics, personalities, & behaviors can be and have been interpreted from each character in the story. This representation is reflected in the two layers of cut out pages for each three page illustration that precedes each chapter.

ari lamb

Alice is a child of many layers. Her adventures, thoughts and actions are organic and at times unexpected. Though the sequence of events throughout her journey seem strange, there is meaning and depth being many of her moments. She is taught to solve, dream, and look beyond the ordinary as the characters surround her in a world rich and full of detail. The illustrations in Ari Lamb's design of Wonderland pull you into the chaos and intricacy of a world difficult to understand and intense with beauty.

Statement about my Alice in Wonderland book

"Lewis Carroll, real name, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, wrote and illustrated the first version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 1865 for a family friend's young daughter. At that time, opium was a very popular drug and was widely available. With the design of this version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, I wanted to capture the spontaneity and energy of a book that was penned by hand, by an author that may or may not have been on drugs. My illustrations are zany and wild, full of energy to reflect the Carroll's imaginative scenes and mad characters. The text is crooked, and disorderly to further this idea. The whole concept behind my design is that the author picked up this blank book with crow quill pen and ink bottle in hand and in one golden afternoon, spewed out this classic in children's literature."

-John Christian Perkins

Hopefully that works... email me if anyone needs anything else from me, I don't really check this blog much though I should.


This world is ours to discover and just like our imaginations, it is endless and full of possibilities. There is perfection, disappointment, joy and pain with every step we take. But what we really remember is when we stood and the world seemed to pull itself together just for that moment, just for us and it is flawless.

Kim Shelby

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Cami Tubbs- Project 2

Book Overview:
In this version of Alice in Wonderland I had fun making it is entertaining and exciting for kids, and for adults both. Overlayed on top of each image are multiple illustrations from the original book. Each image focuses on contrasting colors and making you feel slightly peculiar yet intriguing just like the content of the book does.

I want to really focus on the outdoors side of the outdoor wonderland because I hope to be designing for companies that deal with the outdoors. I have images of different possible locations to take pictures at.

I want to also construct some of the type out of the sand from different locations. I want to use textures to create a real physicality to the area. Make readers think about the textures and how they would feel and make them want to go there and touch it.

Budget: ~$40 for gas

These are my refined sketches. I don't think I'll use a model in my photography, but that might change. I want to use a quote from the book and a quote from the designer -Yes I'll be approaching all of you here real soon for quotes. I want this to be just real simple, easy. The biggest challenge is tying the outdoors with Alice in Wonderland, I think the quotes from the designers will help with this as I'll be asking everyone to say something about how the outdoors might inspire you or how it might relate to Alice etc.

I will post a mood board and possibly some more sketches later. I just realizes I haven't thought out a table of contents or introduction page. Also, I'm going to ask all of you to take a picture of yourselves in the outdoors when you go out and shoot the books. Just a tight shoot, shoulders and head, enough to tell you're outside but maybe not where exactly.

Thanks so much! Can't wait to see how these will turn out.

J.J. Embleton - Catalog

J.J.'s Catalog Blurb:
The 1865 novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is considered to be one of the best examples of the literary nonsense genre. With this nonsensical theme, it is a great story to look at in a different light. Considering this book with different ideas, the illustrations and designs have given a deeper and more serious adult feel to Alice's situation.

Ok so for my catalog I didn’t want to have like a specific or I guess I should say like an extremely unique theme so to make it interesting I just wanted to showcase a lot of photography of the nature and a lot of the books. To make all these pictures really interesting I really just wanted to create photos with tons of high contrasting light like the photos in my mood board. The rest of the explanations of my ideas for the catalog are written on my mood board so read them there if you want.

I was looking at a bunch of catalogs and it seems that the pretty standard shape is 8” x 10.5 or 10.75” I think I will have to work out with my photos how this will look but I may if I need a little more creativity go with a square format like 6” x 6” or something like that.

Spending budget will not be a ton on this project but I think that I will spend about $30 max on gas and ten about $30 max on printing. This will make the total $60 but that is also estimating a little bit high so I could be as low as $30 in total depending on where I travel and what kind of paper I get to print on.

Kindal Erickson Alice Catalog

Book Explanations (2 options)

(this explanation is a little longer at 75 words)
"In 1864 John Tenniel illustrated the first images for 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' using woodblock prints. I wanted to use these stark illustrations to represent the history of the book, but make them my own based on what I learned from Lewis Carroll's writings. My reading surprised me with abstracted but inspiring ideas which I reflected in rich black and white lace in combination with color and the original imagery, creating my version of wonderland."

(and this one is 50 words...take your pick:)
"Using a combination of the original illustrations with my own detailed black and white lace in juxtaposition with bright color I wished to convey my interpretation of wonderland. Black and white inspirational lessons hidden in the worlds preconceptions of Alice in Wonderland, made attractive with the bright color of imagination."

I am thinking hardcore hunter theme...I have grown up with basically only hunting magazines around the house and I thought it would be cool to make one that I think is actually designed sweet. I want to tie in the hunters, models of my brothers and dad, into the southern utah wilderness, hunting for their wonderland. They have every kind of camo imaginable so for each picture they will be hunting the book or reading it in the camo. Each image would be something like my hunting dog retrieving the book, or the book is the target. I want epic imagery and a sportsman hardcore layout.
The scanner in the ELC is cropping out my images though so some of these are not complete, sorry:)

Danelle Cheney: Project 2

This version of Alice in Wonderland was derived from the theme of games that is present throughout the story. The playing card soldiers, croquet, as well as the word and mind games all play an important role. The book as an object looks like a stack of playing cards. The title and drop cap in each chapter are custom-lettered by hand.

If that's too long, feel free to edit it down a bit.


The design of my catalog will be focused on photography, texture, layers, and typography.

I have decided on a vertical format and will be shooting consistent photos that highlight the scenery of Southern Utah and give tips on great places to visit and a little blurb about each place as well as a blurb about each book being highlighted in every location.

I am trying to find a way to relate the locations I choose to the basic storyline of Alice in Wonderland, as I would like to use quotes from the book to tie both the story and the landscapes together. "Curiouser and curiouser!" would be a good example, as well as "Tut tut! Everything has a moral."

It looks like everyone is going to include some form of information about each of the books... is there any way that everyone can write a short paragraph explaining their driving concept behind the book? Something similar to what you would have put in the colophon if you included one... just a thought that might make everyone's life easier. We could decide on a basic paragraph structure for convenience and consistency.

Ari Lamb

So the big dilemma for me is working with when I can shoot pictures of the books (november 10, a bit colder, cloudier, and snowier) but still include the colors and textures of fall. Right now, I'm moving in the direction of "Alice through the seasons of Southern Utah". I sketched a variety of different ideas but most are moving towards a full bleed picture of southern utah in fall colors and textures and scenery. On top of those full bleeds I plan to place polaroid style portraits of each of the Alice in Wonderland books. Some may have just one shot and others may have multiple "product shots". The polaroids of Alice books will have the books placed in wintery environments..or maybe other seasons as well if I can swing it somehow.
Thats the basic idea. As far as format, I would really like to have this be a feature in a Vogue style magazine. (Vogue being the aesthetic I'm looking for, not necessarily content). I love the typeface they use and the clean yet pieced together feel they use in their layouts and spreads.

I may ask for short descriptions of each book from the designer, and then expand a bit (not more than a few paragraphs) to use them in a limited magazine editorial layout.

Proportions: I measured it to be about 8" x 10.75" but I may need to look at some other publications to see if that should be tweaked.

Budget: REALLY rough estimate. Gas=$5-$10/person + materials for mocking polaroids=$5 maximum + printing costs= $10-$20max depending on paper? GRAND TOTAL = $20-$35

other considerations: any protective materials to put under/around books when photographing (there could be snow on the ground) or any other handmade necessities (ie paper for cut out letters or paints for detail embellishments in layout).

Thats all!

Mood Board: Still playing with the magazine feel. Clean lines, mixed with natural textures and scenery. Vibrant colors but with varying tones and opacities. Polaroids set on top of these images. Polaroids will be made digitally so that the images of each book are still high quality.

christina • project two:

I want the display of the books to be very representational set ups. I'd like the set up to mimic the landscapes in which they will be photographed in. My sketches show how they'd be further displayed in the catalogue layout.

I have requested bids & should have them soon, but I'm thinking this could be a $50 + job (will be printing more than one.)

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Katie Poloni-Project 2

Book Concept: This version of Alice in Wonderland features a new twist on the original images by Lewis Carroll. By applying different patterns and colors to the originals, I was able to create a new version of how alice experienced her adventures in Wonderland.

For my catalog. I wanted to take on a more tape in a book feel. I liked the look of putting tape on the corners of my photos. I played with the idea of adding hand drawn elements like the stars, etc. In my sketches I was playing with having the photo of the outdoors, a little map of where you could find that place, putting the GPS coordinates so that they can "find this wonderland", have the description of the book, Adding textures of the outdoors, I liked the cardboard I found for my mood board and using natural colors from my photographs. I would use the cardboard texture and apply it to the size of a moleskin and use that same size of format to scan in and use for the cover.

Budget: $20

Tenia Wallace

Okay, here is my mood board for the catalog! I have quite a bit because I am wanting alot of reference photos for when I go out on the shoot. I have writing next to some of the pictures, you might have to click it to see it clearly. I am going to do a very clean bright catalog. This is more of my style with the negative space and pops of color. When I have the books I am going to get up really early because I want the sunrise look, I (hope..) am going to buy different flowers for the shoot and make a mini tea party, I was going to go all out, but i am learning to hone in on my ideas and i dont know if that would have been realistic. My dates are the October 31,November 1 & 2, so i will post my pictures there. I am going to go out scouting to find the perfect spot. My budget is going to be from $15.00- $20.00.

My scanner is having some difficulties... so i am going to keep trying to upload my sketches tonight. I am going to be constantly updating my personal blog with this project so if you are interested in it you can go to it. click here