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Tyce-Book Concept

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"The concept for this book is based on the relationship between the two worlds and how they exist together. The beginning starts in a realistic environment and ventures its way to an abstract, bizarre reality. The book ends with Alice coming back to her sensible world and realizing that she has matured through the experience. The book is illustrated with black, two dimensional objects to portray a visual relationship between the two worlds."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Alice in Wonderland is a very inspiring and creative book. When a reader picks it up they can use their own imagination and infuse it into the story. Within this book you will see a different view of Alice and her surroundings. All of the characters are custom illustrated and are infused with vector designs. The illustrations will open up a new world of Alice in Wonderland.

Jade Gelskey: Step 4 Catalog

Step 4 of Catalog Assignment:

This specifies we place both the Alice Book we created as well as the Catalog up on the blog through Let me know if there are any issues viewing this.

Also see the two images I have of my catalog. I am ordering the printed catalog from Blurb so when that comes in I will have more quality images.

Here is my personal Alice book:

Here is my Catalog for the Alice books:

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christina • alice book statement

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Lewis Carroll's original story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland inspired this 'cookie-cutter' version of Alice and the assorted acquaintances that transpire. Not only do the illustrations in this book directly reflect the initial overall look of each character, making them 'cookie-cutter' characters, but they have literally become cut out characters.

However, multiple characteristics, personalities, & behaviors can be and have been interpreted from each character in the story. This representation is reflected in the two layers of cut out pages for each three page illustration that precedes each chapter.

ari lamb

Alice is a child of many layers. Her adventures, thoughts and actions are organic and at times unexpected. Though the sequence of events throughout her journey seem strange, there is meaning and depth being many of her moments. She is taught to solve, dream, and look beyond the ordinary as the characters surround her in a world rich and full of detail. The illustrations in Ari Lamb's design of Wonderland pull you into the chaos and intricacy of a world difficult to understand and intense with beauty.

Statement about my Alice in Wonderland book

"Lewis Carroll, real name, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, wrote and illustrated the first version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 1865 for a family friend's young daughter. At that time, opium was a very popular drug and was widely available. With the design of this version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, I wanted to capture the spontaneity and energy of a book that was penned by hand, by an author that may or may not have been on drugs. My illustrations are zany and wild, full of energy to reflect the Carroll's imaginative scenes and mad characters. The text is crooked, and disorderly to further this idea. The whole concept behind my design is that the author picked up this blank book with crow quill pen and ink bottle in hand and in one golden afternoon, spewed out this classic in children's literature."

-John Christian Perkins

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