Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Project 3 :: Imagery Categories and Topics

This is just to make sure that multiple people are doing each style of imagery so that one article does not stand out. If you decide you need change the type of imagery you are doing make sure that there are at least TWO people remaining in that style. 

If you want to change let me (sabrina) know and we'll update the post :]

Real Photography
Ashley :: Popular Youtube videos
Sarai :: Evolution of Pop Stars
Chelsea M :: The Supernatural
Tia J :: Converse
Jessica :: Geek is the new Chic

Sarai  (#2)
Kyrsten :: Super fans B the Media (Fandom)

Vector Graphics / Infographics
Courtney :: Hairstyles
Sabrina :: Blogging
Crystal :: Fiction Books
Stephanie :: Articles of Clothing (like socks)
Tawny :: Graphic Design
Chelsea Howells :: Color trends
Eva Chau :: Relationships / Communication
Sydney :: Billboards / Radio
Shelia :: Ridiculous Fashion trends that shouldn't be repeated

Kyrsten (#2)
Sarai (#3)
Tia (#2)
Chelsea M (#2)

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