Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ari Lamb: Project 1

These are chapter illustrations. They all need photoshop tweaking and I have some new detail ideas but some of them I feel are pretty close to done. A few don't even have line work on them yet, but try to imagine. I'm having trouble deciding which of my line work designs they should have on them..too many doodles right now.
Over all, I think they are more emotional than literal; they kind of remind me of mood boards. Most of them are based on the first paragraph of the chapter so the blurb on that page will possibly put you in that mood. The text is not real, just random cut out stuff, so disregard. Let me know if you think they need a lot more collage detailing, or just a little (or none I suppose).

I've been working as fast as possible, and I will definitely be able to meet the deadline but theres just a lot to do as you all know. Look a little later for the cover and some spread ideas.

Covers: I like the script style, but I think it would be fun to make the words with tree branches or give the lettering a 3D treatment of some kind. ps. drawing is not my strong suit if you haven't noticed.

Illustrations: I'm almost positive I want to start with photo manipulation, and use photoshop to give them the eerie, hallucinogenic feel. I like the idea of close up objects but we'll see.

Layout/Chapters: As far as layout goes, I do love the traditional look of a chapter book. If you change things up too much its just difficult to keep reading. I think the majority of the book would be 2 columns and then for chapter pages, lay out one column and illustrate around that column. I want them to be simple though, so the words are still most important.

Mood Board: I want to use bright colors, but pull them back in saturation or give them a muted feel. I do like the really intense, hallucinogenic colors, but maybe I would use those for the focal point, or just add here or there. This mood board feel really matte to me, but I'm starting to think I would like a more shiny quality?

Budget: Assuming I can keep this under 120 pages...I would like to do the 7x7 square with an image wrap hard cover. Thats $35.95 per book. 2 books would cost me $71.90. I don't know how much shipping would cost since we are all ordering together, but to order alone it is right around $10. Spendy project! Good motivation to do it well I suppose.

Expanded ideas/ revised sketches

I liked this cover design and have been playing with lots of different textures and ways to collage things together without getting that "scrapbook" feel. If this texture was a little tighter together in some areas I think it could work for fur or hair or whatever.

I liked the rule of thirds in this chapter layout so I think I'd like to have a couple different layouts for chapter headings that use this rule.

This is essentially the same mood board but I could some other bright yet muted colors and different styles i liked so I figured I could embellish.
there are other textures I'm playing with but they are scattered and all over my bedroom floor so maybe they will be more finished by monday! Having fun though, starting to find my theme for sure.


  1. ari, i really love the texture you are making with the tiny slivers (looks like they are cut from magazines?) i think you have hit upon something interesting.. it evokes a very specific mood already. i am excited to see how your book progresses!

  2. Wow! I love the first chapter spread... and the last few. This is going to turn out awesome.

  3. Ari, these are turning out so spectacular. I like how absolutely crazy they are, but they fit together seamlessly. Nice work.

  4. I really like the scrapbook feel to this, Ari. Just be careful in keeping this cohesive throughout the entire book.

  5. I am always a sucker for things that are done by hand and I think that your illustrations are great. I feel like you have really pulled of evoking different moods and emotions.

    I would say the craft should be one of your main concerns. Just make sure that things are clean and well edited for the final piece.

  6. I'm really liking how your use of different textures and colors. The collage effect works well with the them of theme of the book. Good Job.

  7. I agree the texture adds a lot to the design. The images and the colors help tie everything together really well.

  8. You are doing so great, I love it!:) The teapot spread looks a little bare compared to all the others but they are all so fun and different and yet really unified, I really love it! And p.s. do the bumble bee thing for the page numbers, I think that is a super creative idea:)

  9. Hard work pays off. I think you've created a unique mood for the story. Of all the concepts, yours creates a different perspective that hasn't been seen yet. These fully illustrated page will create great turning points in the book, (literally by turning to these pages & in the change of events in the story). I wonder how the rest of the chapter will look. An element from these pages should definitely need to be carried out throughout the book, or at least chapter...maybe the text box could still have the colored box behind it? (ps. the bee page numbering is a cleaver should run with it)

  10. I really like the intricate texture designs that you are doing along with the kind of scrap booking feel to it. Just make sure that you are careful to not make things too cluttered because the illustrations are pretty busy and it is easy to lose focus of what is whatever you want to be the important thing. But they are looking amazing so far. Keep up the good work!

  11. I like the way your paper is collaged and I think the theme is really well executed in your illustrations.

    How did you decide on your text that you have placed into the illustrations? Does it relate?

  12. totally random, its so awesome! i think it will be a blast to go through you book and really look at all of the photos in them. its so interesting. i am amazed how everything you have put in here has such similar color pallets. what makes everything up? like vectors? magazine cut outs??

  13. Sweet. Its looking great. The colors are all working together very well. I never would have thought you could do so many different colors and make it work so well. Good job.