Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Joe Rawlings // project 1 alice


Here is a rough that gives the general feel that I would like to achieve for my chapter headings, which is where all of my illustrations will be located. I really like the silhouettes that are created by the lighting as well as the limited pop colors.

I think that I am going to have each chapter have a different colored background. The colors will come from the book cover ( which is under construction right now). I have also been playing around with ghost images and how I could apply them to the spreads though out the book as well to add a little bit more texture and another level of interest.


I am excited about these cover ideas, I just hope that they work out as planned...

some more spread options...

experimenting for the cover shot...

possible alice figure//

budget: 51.95 +shipping and handling


  1. nice find on the figurine! i love it. i am really excited to see what you come up with.

  2. I really like the silhouettes as well. I know you talked about making yours funky and kind of humerous...did you change your idea now?

    While I like your text area being off center it seems way to close to the sides. Try and give it some room to breathe on those margins and it will also give room for the reader to hold it.

  3. awesome, i really like the full color bleed on the chapter spreads. what is the cover going to look like, is it colorful and thats where you are getting the colors from? how many illustrations are you going to be using?

  4. So the silhouettes are really neat, It gives the book a cool vibe.

  5. This definitely fits your style. I think this will look great in your portfolio along with your other work.

  6. sweet photo! I do like the idea of having the dark figures with color pops but I would be careful to maybe have the same range of color throughout the book...unify it in the cover or type or something...it will be great!:)

  7. So I wonder if the entire chapter will have the full bleeds? or just the ch. heading spread?
    Also, will these all be photographic or will some be solid color spreads like the one you've shown. And the ghost shadows...would that be applied to a spread that has a solid color background.

    Sorry for the 20 questions. I don't question your design, these are just a few things I thought about when I saw your post. I think the photographic spreads are quite contemporary & I love it. I like the creativity that is involved in using a found object for a significant character or event in the story instead of the typical blond-hair-blue-dress-cartoon-like Alice....(I'm trying to steer away from that in an ironic way as well)

  8. I am excited to see how this looks all laid out. I was just wondering about the images on the pages. Are you going to make them a slightly lower opacity so that you can see more of the object in the image or just leave the text on top and crop the images pretty interestingly? Either way I think that it looks good!

  9. Its looking good, seems appropriate for your style. Dont forget about thumb space to hold the book.

  10. Dear Joe, this looks great. I am really really excited to see the finished product. Are you still using Archer or have you picked a different typeface?

  11. Very joe. I know you aren't using that image for you spread, but I do like the mood you're creating with the silhouettes and blurred effect. I think your body text layout is not as "joe" to me, but the ideas you've talked about sound like they will pull it all together. I like the idea of each chapter having a different color. I want to see the cover! Your typeface looks great as well, excited to see more.