Wednesday, August 25, 2010

christina • project one:

About this Book

Lewis Carroll's original story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland inspired this 'cookie-cutter' version of Alice and the assorted acquaintances that transpire. Not only do the illustrations in this book directly reflect the initial overall look of each character, making them 'cookie-cutter' characters, but they have literally become cut out characters.

However, multiple characteristics, personalities, & behaviors can be and have been interpreted from each character in the story. This representation is reflected in the two layers of cut out pages for each three page illustration that precedes each chapter.

Old version:

(Sept. 7 2010)

Option 1: a more illustrative look & style
Option 2: photographic mood & style

I'm budgeting a $130 project cost; $121.90 to be exact.
>> 10x8 (or 8x10) • Image wrap • 161-200 pg's • x2 copies


  1. LOVE IT! I love how you approached the chapter numbers and think it is very clever. I think the color palette is working great as well.

  2. I really like the wrap from the spine to the cover, it draws interest around the entire cover of the book. Good Job.

  3. I like the simple shapes and vector graphics. Is this the direction that you are headed or are you going to be adding the water colored look that you were talking about originally?

    I think that the typography is looking really well thought out and the lay is working really well.

  4. Your chapter numbering is so creative and clever! I love it! I also really appreciate how clean you are making everything, it is interesting without tons of illustration.
    I really like the illustration on the right side of the chapter 1 spread, it could be fun to have on more chapters but maybe take to much time:)

  5. I like that it is going to be a very clean style, it is not to overwhelming. The layout and chapter headings is very well thought out.

  6. I think this fits in well with your portfolio and the work I have seen. Seems like your style and I think that is good!

    I like the chapters and the way you handled the numbers.

    With the cover I am not sure I like the hyphen. I might play around with another way to do it as you are not stuck having to hyphenate it. Also the "in" and how it works with the white banner seems problematic.

    Great overall though!

  7. This is so cute! i love the blue color, actually i really like the whole color pallet. the little details really make this design, where you have your chapter numbers and the images on the sides of the pages. I think it is going to look so polished. this design is one of my favorites :D

  8. mmmmm... how Saul Bass of you!

    Seriously though, I think it looks great.

    On your mood board (for the illustrative style) you had a lot of texture and pattern. I really like the cutout feel but I would be curious to see what happens if you incorporate some bits of patterns, like the ones you have on your mood board. I would use them sparingly so they're not distracting. I feel like it would, in the words of Jay, push it further. :)

    Also... are you planning on having the title hyphenated on your cover? I am torn... I feel like you have pulled it off rather well but I am not sure I like it. Is there some reasoning behind that decision?

  9. This idea seems to really fit your style. Very simple and clean.

  10. I really like the cut-out design feel to your book. I also like the chapter location design element. At first I thought it seemed a little distracting but the more I look at it the more I like it. Cant wait to see it all in the book.

  11. I love your chapter spreads, and layout design. They are clean but interesting. I think you should run with this cut out idea. It will be easier to find your cohesive style as you keep working. Since you switched up the idea, maybe another mood board will help you get started again? It looks great so far. Also you mentioned adding very small line details here and there, ie the rabbit's coat, it sounds interesting!

  12. Thanks everyone.

    And Ari, I agree, I think a new mood board will let others know where I want to take this & it will help me solidify my new concept.