Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Katie Schafer Project 1 _ My thoughts about Alice

Covers, Spreads, Illustration Ideas, & Mood board :)
Budget options
8 x 10 portrait
Book cost $31.95 plus shipping and tax.
I would like to get two books, it should be around $80 or $90 for both books.


My newest inspiration for the project came from the copy of Alice that my mom sent me. I will post my sketches this weekend, but I wanted to post my latest ideas.

I like the Identification of the owner, in this copy. I think that is something I want to incorporate in the copy.

As for my illustrations I have decided to color the character, and leave the b/g black & white.
I like the illustrations in this copy so I will probably use these, something like them or try to recreate something similar. I also think the dark edges of the pages create an interesting look.

Revised Sketches

Covers: I couldn't choose just on so I redid two of my sketches. The color block one needs a little tweaking in proportion, but in general I like the idea. My other cover is more whimsical.

My chapter headings and illustration are pretty self explanatory.

After much thought, and a good talk my concept is now complete. I'm making Alice's journal, the illustrations will be simple. Childlike be not sloppy and spread through out the book as if someone was doodling in the book.

So here's the latest dish, I'm feeling so far behind and that song under pressure in running through my head. So that said here are my posts for the moment.

As I was placeing them, I realized I need to create more. But they are 85% done.
The next two illustrations show, how I want to incorporate some color and a new twist.
More Dish, as of 9/7/2010


So the illustrations are above, and placed in text as if it was handwritten/ hand drawn on the text. I Have a pdf file that I can share that shows exactly how it works.

For the spreads, this is there basic lay out, this is an expert from chapter 2 .


  1. I love that you are taking the book out of the "book" category and giving it the feel of a journal, i never would have thought of that. i am really excited to see what everything looks like !

  2. I think the biggest thing you need to do is just really make it cohesive. From what I can tell from your posts you decided on the childlike sketches? I like that idea and it looks like you are in the right direction. I also liked the black with bits of color here and there. I think that you could maybe incorporate them a little more and make your sketches (illustrations) have a little more thrown on color. I think they look a little to neat for a child drawing.

    Also the text for The Pool of Tears is a little cliche'. I would like to see some other typeface as the header. Just a thought.

  3. Jade, I agree with you on the font choice. I haven't found one that I love yet so, that is my stand in until the winner is found.

  4. So I'm getting from this that you'll have a simple iconic illustration on you ch. heading spreads. Will there be any sort of illustration or element throughout the chapter? Do you have anything in layout form with text & illustration?

  5. I agree with Jade, but I see that you are working on finding something else. I would think about your margins and the leading of the body text... right now it feels a little squished and awkward. I would also think about the placement of your illustrations in relations to the block of text. Maybe do some sketches and reduce everything to basic shapes and think about the compositions.

  6. Careful with your font choice. It gets a little hard on your eyes to read pages and pages of fancy text. The journal idea is cool though. Can you imagine Alice writing down everything that happened to her and her drawing pictures of different things she saw and did during her Wonderland experience. I would love to see that. It could be cool if you tried to make it seem like she wrote it.

  7. I like your concept for the book. I feel that each illustration needs to be an item from the real world that has been placed into the book. For example, your cover should look like real leather instead of the hand drawn feel.