Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Katie Poloni- Project 1 Alice

Book Concept: This version of Alice in Wonderland features a new twist on the original images by Lewis Carroll. By applying different patterns and colors to the originals, I was able to create a new version of how alice experienced her adventures in Wonderland.

Budget 10x8 book
121-160 pages
Image Wrap $52.95


Here are some other old books that I have found for inspiration:

I decided that I'm going to stick with more of this style of classic book design with the muted colors and vintage feel, I really liked the example that I had in my mood board:

I met with my illustrator and am really excited for how everything is going to turn out! We're going to start with the cover design, and work with the idea I showed in class with having the caterpillar on a mushroom, smoking his pipe and having one of the smoke o's be the "o" in Wonderland. Here's a sketch of what I'm thinking it will look like....it will also have continuations of the mushrooms leading to the back of the book.
For the layout I'm thinking of having one great picture at the beginning of the chapter, even having it spread into two pages with the text involved. During the rest of the spreads when there is only text involved I am trying to think of ways to add vintage designs in the corners or other places to make all the illustrations and designs work together. Also adding little illustrations during all text spreads every once in a while during a part that would be good to have a picture with.


  1. So will you have to come up with a new concept?
    Maybe a new moodboard...this way I can evaluate the direction of the book. I'm sure you have something in mind...just want to see it.