Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ari Lamb

So the big dilemma for me is working with when I can shoot pictures of the books (november 10, a bit colder, cloudier, and snowier) but still include the colors and textures of fall. Right now, I'm moving in the direction of "Alice through the seasons of Southern Utah". I sketched a variety of different ideas but most are moving towards a full bleed picture of southern utah in fall colors and textures and scenery. On top of those full bleeds I plan to place polaroid style portraits of each of the Alice in Wonderland books. Some may have just one shot and others may have multiple "product shots". The polaroids of Alice books will have the books placed in wintery environments..or maybe other seasons as well if I can swing it somehow.
Thats the basic idea. As far as format, I would really like to have this be a feature in a Vogue style magazine. (Vogue being the aesthetic I'm looking for, not necessarily content). I love the typeface they use and the clean yet pieced together feel they use in their layouts and spreads.

I may ask for short descriptions of each book from the designer, and then expand a bit (not more than a few paragraphs) to use them in a limited magazine editorial layout.

Proportions: I measured it to be about 8" x 10.75" but I may need to look at some other publications to see if that should be tweaked.

Budget: REALLY rough estimate. Gas=$5-$10/person + materials for mocking polaroids=$5 maximum + printing costs= $10-$20max depending on paper? GRAND TOTAL = $20-$35

other considerations: any protective materials to put under/around books when photographing (there could be snow on the ground) or any other handmade necessities (ie paper for cut out letters or paints for detail embellishments in layout).

Thats all!

Mood Board: Still playing with the magazine feel. Clean lines, mixed with natural textures and scenery. Vibrant colors but with varying tones and opacities. Polaroids set on top of these images. Polaroids will be made digitally so that the images of each book are still high quality.

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