Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cami Tubbs- Project 2

Book Overview:
In this version of Alice in Wonderland I had fun making it is entertaining and exciting for kids, and for adults both. Overlayed on top of each image are multiple illustrations from the original book. Each image focuses on contrasting colors and making you feel slightly peculiar yet intriguing just like the content of the book does.

I want to really focus on the outdoors side of the outdoor wonderland because I hope to be designing for companies that deal with the outdoors. I have images of different possible locations to take pictures at.

I want to also construct some of the type out of the sand from different locations. I want to use textures to create a real physicality to the area. Make readers think about the textures and how they would feel and make them want to go there and touch it.

Budget: ~$40 for gas

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