Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Danelle Cheney: Project 2

This version of Alice in Wonderland was derived from the theme of games that is present throughout the story. The playing card soldiers, croquet, as well as the word and mind games all play an important role. The book as an object looks like a stack of playing cards. The title and drop cap in each chapter are custom-lettered by hand.

If that's too long, feel free to edit it down a bit.


The design of my catalog will be focused on photography, texture, layers, and typography.

I have decided on a vertical format and will be shooting consistent photos that highlight the scenery of Southern Utah and give tips on great places to visit and a little blurb about each place as well as a blurb about each book being highlighted in every location.

I am trying to find a way to relate the locations I choose to the basic storyline of Alice in Wonderland, as I would like to use quotes from the book to tie both the story and the landscapes together. "Curiouser and curiouser!" would be a good example, as well as "Tut tut! Everything has a moral."

It looks like everyone is going to include some form of information about each of the books... is there any way that everyone can write a short paragraph explaining their driving concept behind the book? Something similar to what you would have put in the colophon if you included one... just a thought that might make everyone's life easier. We could decide on a basic paragraph structure for convenience and consistency.

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