Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kindal Erickson Alice Catalog

Book Explanations (2 options)

(this explanation is a little longer at 75 words)
"In 1864 John Tenniel illustrated the first images for 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' using woodblock prints. I wanted to use these stark illustrations to represent the history of the book, but make them my own based on what I learned from Lewis Carroll's writings. My reading surprised me with abstracted but inspiring ideas which I reflected in rich black and white lace in combination with color and the original imagery, creating my version of wonderland."

(and this one is 50 words...take your pick:)
"Using a combination of the original illustrations with my own detailed black and white lace in juxtaposition with bright color I wished to convey my interpretation of wonderland. Black and white inspirational lessons hidden in the worlds preconceptions of Alice in Wonderland, made attractive with the bright color of imagination."

I am thinking hardcore hunter theme...I have grown up with basically only hunting magazines around the house and I thought it would be cool to make one that I think is actually designed sweet. I want to tie in the hunters, models of my brothers and dad, into the southern utah wilderness, hunting for their wonderland. They have every kind of camo imaginable so for each picture they will be hunting the book or reading it in the camo. Each image would be something like my hunting dog retrieving the book, or the book is the target. I want epic imagery and a sportsman hardcore layout.
The scanner in the ELC is cropping out my images though so some of these are not complete, sorry:)

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