Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Katie Poloni-Project 2

Book Concept: This version of Alice in Wonderland features a new twist on the original images by Lewis Carroll. By applying different patterns and colors to the originals, I was able to create a new version of how alice experienced her adventures in Wonderland.

For my catalog. I wanted to take on a more tape in a book feel. I liked the look of putting tape on the corners of my photos. I played with the idea of adding hand drawn elements like the stars, etc. In my sketches I was playing with having the photo of the outdoors, a little map of where you could find that place, putting the GPS coordinates so that they can "find this wonderland", have the description of the book, Adding textures of the outdoors, I liked the cardboard I found for my mood board and using natural colors from my photographs. I would use the cardboard texture and apply it to the size of a moleskin and use that same size of format to scan in and use for the cover.

Budget: $20

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