Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tenia Wallace

Okay, here is my mood board for the catalog! I have quite a bit because I am wanting alot of reference photos for when I go out on the shoot. I have writing next to some of the pictures, you might have to click it to see it clearly. I am going to do a very clean bright catalog. This is more of my style with the negative space and pops of color. When I have the books I am going to get up really early because I want the sunrise look, I (hope..) am going to buy different flowers for the shoot and make a mini tea party, I was going to go all out, but i am learning to hone in on my ideas and i dont know if that would have been realistic. My dates are the October 31,November 1 & 2, so i will post my pictures there. I am going to go out scouting to find the perfect spot. My budget is going to be from $15.00- $20.00.

My scanner is having some difficulties... so i am going to keep trying to upload my sketches tonight. I am going to be constantly updating my personal blog with this project so if you are interested in it you can go to it. click here

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