Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Hey guys,
I finished my catalog, and here are the digital versions of my book, and catalog. Enjoy!

I don't have my product shots on here, because I'm not sure how to. My computer died on me and I don't anyway to get the shots uploaded. I have the images on my camera, so if you want to see them, or have a way of the getting them off my camera, let me know. :) Thanks Bunches.

Book Statement

When I was creating this book, I wanted to create something that feels like home when you pick it up. Using colors and textures to create certain emotions that go with each chapter of the book. I liked using my hands for this project and creating illustrations out of scrapbook paper.


So for this project I know what I want to do, and a lot of inspiration comes from my experiences in national parks, and traveling around with my family. I got a box of of stuff from my Mom which had older pictures, mementos, and a whole lot national park stamps.

Mood board, followed by concept sketches, different views, and then refined sketches. My refined sketches don't have color on them, but I have the color palate on my mood board. I'm not going to finalize the colors until I have the photos, so I can coordinate my colors with the colors in the photos.

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