Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jade Gelskey: Catalog Project

Jade Gelskey: Catalog Project

Here is my short statement about my book:

"The idea for my book was to use color and texture through watercolor, to help the reader become more imaginative with the whimsical nature of the text. I hope that when the reader is going through the imagery and text they are able to be transported to another place where their own imagination can be awakened and the story can come alive for them."


Here are my Preliminary Sketches, and my Pre Planning Photos (what I took in the field with me to make sure I took the right photos of the right combination's of items and books).

Pre Planning Photos:


The idea for my project: I wanted to make a catalog that features not only the books but other things useful items for spending time out doors. Things to have fun, and things to help survive.

Mood Board:

One important item is the book itself because no time out in the woods is complete without some good reading material.

I then wanted to feature some simple and inexpensive items that could help you while out in the woods. I included things like an axe, sunblock, bug spray, rain poncho, map, wet wipes, playing cards (in case you have down time etc.), water bottles, fire starter, rope etc.

All of the items are in-expensive, super easy to use and very valuable for in the field. Oh and I tried to match them up my color...or by general feel to the book itself.

Anyways here is a photo or two just so you know kind of what the imagery will look like.
I am working through all of my photos editing..and will also finish up shooting today. All shooting should be done by the end of the day. Yay!

Sneak Peak:

Budget: As far as this goes I am not to hung up on a budget. The gas was cheap...it was just me going so there was no issue with having to pay some one for photos or anything. I am guessing it might be like $20-30 dollars. I spent $60 on the tools (but this is a wash really because it was all stuff I needed and will be using all winter and summer).

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